Want to offer consumers pool coupons online? Trying to grow your customer email list but just don’t have the time or resources? PoolCouponsforMe.com is the newest channel for Retailers to reach customers with online pool coupons.

PoolCouponsforMe.com was specifically designed to help Retailers get digital coupons to consumers while helping them actively manage their customer list. This turnkey service allows Retailers to offer up to six (6) digital coupons monthly*.

If you are interested in enhancing your online marketing presence, PoolCouponsforMe.com is for you! This new coupon website offers an affordable online marketing tool for every budget.

Retailers will receive a personalized link to an online sign-up form to share with their customers via email, social networking or their store website. Once customers sign up, they will receive an email with a link to access and print the Retailer’s monthly coupon offers.

Plus, as your email list grows, we will organize your customer’s information. Best of all, you can request your list at any time.

As the coupon trend steadily increases, businesses must find the best way to reach their customers. Paired with traditional marketing tactics like direct mail and email marketing, online coupons will help keep your business at the top of consumers’ minds.

*Retailer may select from a series of pre-produced coupon offers. Retailers are responsible for funding the offers they select.

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